Beach Cleaning

Kahala Beach Homeowners Association President, Brad Larkin, had the beaches cleaned yesterday.  All the seaweed and debris are gone and the sand is very soft and ready for Labor Day weekend.

If you are a homeowner who hasn’t been down in a while, now is a good time to visit.  Steady breezes are making the afternoons very pleasant in the shade.

Here is a shot of the contractor at work.  He used a forked attachment which let the sand fall through but held the seaweed. As the seaweed accumulated on the forks, then he lifted them and carried it over to the toe of the existing dunes – as opposed pushing a large pile across foilage.  Thanks to Kathy Shipp who found this contractor!

Kahala Beach Estates offers fabulous beach lots with attractive grounds and beach.

Beach Cleaning 8/16/2012