Upcoming KBE-HOA Meetings

There are two upcoming meetings for Kahala Beach Estates

1. Board of Directors Meeting

Open to members. Saturday 2/1/2014 at 1:00pm at 19039 Kahala Drive East.

2. Annual Members Meeting

The Annual Meeting for Homeowner Members of the Kahala Beach Estates HOA (KBE-HOA, Inc.) has been called for Saturday 2/8/2014 at 1:00pm at 19059 Kahala Drive East.

KBE-HOA, Inc. Member Annual Meeting Agenda

1. President’s Report

a. Results for 2013

  •  - Financial Report
  •  - Receivables Collection
  •  - Budget
  •  - Reserves
  •  - Beaches & Landscaping
  •  - Crime Report
  •  - Flood & Windstorm Insurance

b. 2014 Issues

  •  - Police Powers of Attorney for Homeowners
  •  - Public Beach Parking vs Parking Meters
  •  - Zoning

2. KBE Roster Updates

3. Future Assessment Levels

4. Board Membership / Elections


Real Estate Market Heating Up

Two real estate sales in Kahala Beach Estates have been closed in the past two months. Congratulations to the lucky new homeowners. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

The pace of new home construction is really beginning to show in Galveston with new frames visible along the length of FM3005.

If you’re considering a beach front residence in a community with beautiful views, good restaurants, and civic services, now is the time to make your move.


Real Estate Window Shoppers

Real Estate Window Shoppers

Annual Meeting 1/26/2013

As previously planned, the Board of Directors of KBE-HOA, Inc. has called the Annual Meeting of all Members of the Association for the election of board members and other issues.  The meeting will be held Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 1:00pm at the Hartman Residence, 19035 Kahala Drive East, Galveston, Texas.

For further information, contact Brad Larkin at 832-647-5600.

Draft Resolution on Zoning Change Request

The City of Galveston is undertaking a major overhaul of its zoning and land use regulations as part of the Progress Galveston initiative.

  • A draft of the changes for public comment is located at this link.
  • An interactive map of the currently proposed zoning is located at this link.

Contrary to what most of us would expect, our area is zoned as Planned Development (code PD) rather than single family housing. The PD zoning means that future development could take place with a density of up to 22 units per acre.  Many of us feel that such zoning is out of character with the existing construction and culture and should be changed. In discussions with the City Planning Department, they have asked that we submit change requests in writing and with a voter of individual members.

Map Illustration of KBE in 2012 Proposed Zoning

Map Illustration of KBE in 2012 Proposed Zoning

Thus, we will vote on the following resolution at the upcoming annual meeting:

Resolved this 26th day of January, 2013 at an Annual Meeting of the Members of the Kahala Beach Estates Homeowners Association, KBE-HOA Inc held in the City of Galveston, Galveston County, State of Texas, that we do hereby request changes in the Land Development Regulations (zoning) of the City of Galveston, Texas  in conjunction with the Progress Galveston Project initiative.

Resolved that all portions of Kahala Beach Estates Addition No. 1, whose legal description is ABST 121 PAGE 24 BLK 1 KAHALA BEACH ESTATES ADDN 1 LOTS 1 Through 20,  recorded in Volume 18, Page 443, Instrument # 9340266, Map Records of Galveston County, Texas and whose addresses are in the 19000 block of Kahala Drive East be designated as SF1, Single-Family Residential with one dwelling.

Resolved that the following parcels which are adjacent to our subdivision and which are not developed be designated be designated as SF1, Single-Family Residential with one dwelling.


Galveston  Tax Account Property ID Description
0121-0054-0000-000 R117248 ABST   121 HALL & JONES SUR TR 54 ACRES 66.980
0121-0054-0002-000 R510763 ABST   121 HALL & JONES SUR TR 54-2 ACRES 60.379
0121-0053-0000-000 R117255 ABST   121 HALL & JONES SUR TR 53 98.475 ACRES

Beach Cleaning

Kahala Beach Homeowners Association President, Brad Larkin, had the beaches cleaned yesterday.  All the seaweed and debris are gone and the sand is very soft and ready for Labor Day weekend.

If you are a homeowner who hasn’t been down in a while, now is a good time to visit.  Steady breezes are making the afternoons very pleasant in the shade.

Here is a shot of the contractor at work.  He used a forked attachment which let the sand fall through but held the seaweed. As the seaweed accumulated on the forks, then he lifted them and carried it over to the toe of the existing dunes – as opposed pushing a large pile across foilage.  Thanks to Kathy Shipp who found this contractor!

Kahala Beach Estates offers fabulous beach lots with attractive grounds and beach.

Beach Cleaning 8/16/2012

Perseid Meteor Shower

Just a quick report from one of our homeowners who watched for Perseid meteor showers over the weekend.

We watched both Saturday and Sunday nights.  Saturdsay was supposed to be the peak and we did see about 8 meteors in an hour.  Sunday night, however, the sky was very clear and we saw a great streaker about 11pm.

Having the ocean as your entire Southern horizon makes for great star gazzing and sky-watching.  Quality sightings of the International Space Station are common and the rings of Saturn are currently visible using a telescope.

Web Site Established

Today we established a new Kahala Beach Estates web site at kahalagalveston.com.

As the summer weather is hot, the great sea breezes remind us that despite being so close to Houston, the Galveston beach front is much more comfortable.  Perhaps the best part is watching all the tourist head north on Sunday afternoons and knowing that when you have a house in Kahala, you can stay and enjoy a beautiful, star-lit night as well.